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Luxury Buffalo Horn Eyewear

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Naxury offers classic, yet contemporary styled sunglasses, handcrafted from genuine, recycled buffalo horn. Every pair is equipped with quality stainless steel hinges and first class CE approved polarized lenses.

Horn is a naturally grown fiber with uniquely-occurring patterns, colors and striations that cannot be recreated with any synthetic material. This makes every one of our frames a one of a kind piece, which, because our sunglasses are made form genuine horn, will further adjust to the shape of your face, simply by wearing them, are light weight, yet extremely durable, hypoallergenic and supposedly lower your blood pressure by absorbing your body heat.

Our buffalo horn frames cannot be mass produced. Only few expert craftsmen still master the traditional art of handcrafting eyewear frames from natural horn.

With the perfect balance of functionality, delicate styling and refined materials all combined through exquisite traditional craftsmanship, Naxury sunglasses go in a new direction within the eyewear industry, by allowing every customer to have their own limited edition pair of Naxury sunglasses.

Every pair of Naxury sunglasses is only available once. Get yours now!

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