Apart from its distinctive style and structure genuine horn has many advantages over acetate and other synthetic materials for eyewear frames. 

Like most other natural materials, horn over time develops a unique patina. By wearing and using your Naxury sunglasses, the personal characteristics of the horn will begin to show and make subtle patterns and textures visible. Because of the warmth of your skin, the frame will further adjust to the shape of your face and develop a matte finish where it makes contact with your skin and make it an even better and dependable fit. 

Because of its lightweight, yet extremely durable composition, horn frames, unlike other material frames, don’t need metal wire in the core of the temple piece to hold the shape of the frame.

Horn is also hypoallergenic and therefore perfect for people with sensitive skin who react to certain materials.

We only use 100% recycled water buffalo horn which would usually go to waste due to the fact, that the knowledge and craftsmanship of building eyewear frames from genuine horn is mostly lost today.

Naxury wants to change that and revive the old tradition of handcrafting frames from natural horn, making use of a beautiful raw material to create a quality luxury product with individuality



We recommend cleaning your Naxury sunglasses frame by wiping with our provided soft cloth or if necessary using mild soap and water and drying the frame afterwards.

Please never soak your frame, since this can damage the material.

Buffalo horn is a natural material and can dry out over time. For lifelong enjoyment, we therefore recommend to rejuvenate your frame at least once a year by rubbing them with a small amount of mineral based oil such as baby oil or Vaseline and then leaving them overnight to allow the oil to fully penetrate the frame.

To further adjust the fit of your sunglasses, you can carefully heat up the temple with hot air and bend it into position as it gets softer. After bending the frame let it cool off and polish it with some oil to hinder it from drying out. We however recommend to only let experienced opticians do this work for you since the frame could easily be damaged during the process.